Selasa, 22 April 2014

Luxury Watches Purchased Rp 1 billion to Rp 5 million General Moeldoko

TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko admit , wearing branded watches Richard Mille . He said , these watches are very expensive , but he bought it at a much cheaper price .

According Moeldoko , in the market , the price of the type he wore watches reached more than USD 1 billion .

At a press conference Phipindo implementation Assembly ( Philippines - Indonesia ) Military Corporation at Hotel Borobudur , jokingly Moeldoko will release the watch if anyone dared to buy U.S. $ 5 million .

" A clock that is sold in the market price that the original Rp 1 billion more , but I can buy a Rp 5 million , " said Moeldoko , at Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) .

Former Chief of Staff of the Army ( Chief of Staff ) has claimed that the reason why he was wearing an expensive watch . According Moeldoko , the watch symbolized innovation . With wear , Moeldoko always remembered innovation .

" Why do I use this ? After I read the comments that there is little difference in perception . Why I bought this clock ? Hear first . 's A lesson for us because this clock is the clock that is very expensive , but it sold very cheap . Why do I buy? Because when I saw this clock , which in my mind is innovation , innovation . innovations and innovation , "said the man from Kediri , East Java , the .

He did not elaborate on where to get these watches , whether genuine watches bought at a much cheaper price , or genuine but fake watches that are circulating in the community ?

Moeldoko watches Singapore media highlighted earlier this week because its value is considered to be fantastic . In fact , Moeldoko known to have more than one hour luxury .
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Moeldoko be discussed figure since a controversial article in the Straits Times who called Military commander apologized to the Government of Singapore related naming warships Usman - Aaron . However , Moeldoko denied this and said that the media misquoted . He claimed apologized to Singapore because it can not meet the demand in order not to use the name Usman - Aaron who has the final .


Senin, 21 April 2014

World Gold Price Down to Lowest Level 2 Week

Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange moved down on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) local time (Tuesday morning GMT ) , closed at its lowest level since 3 April due to technical sales .
The most active gold contract for June delivery dipped 5.4 dollars, or 0.42 percent, to settle at 1288.5 dollars per ounce .

Gold has broken through the average 200-day moving about 1,299 U.S. dollars , which triggered technical selling . The next support is at the movement into an average 100 - day around 1,277 U.S. dollars .

Some of the economic data released on Monday seems to vary . The National Activity Index from the Chicago Fed dropped to 0.2 in March from 0.53 in February , while the leading economic index from the Conference Board rose 0.8 percent in March , after rising 0.5 percent in February , indicating that growth may drove rapidly growing in the coming months .

Investors also pay attention to the uncertainty in Ukraine . Some market analysts predict that gold will soon find more support of demand for " safe haven " .
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Silver for May delivery fell 24.5 cents, or 1.25 per cent to close at 19.351 dollars per ounce . Platinum for July delivery fell 28 U.S. dollars, or 1.96 percent, to end at 1400.7 dollars per ounce .


Marty : Asylum Seekers Must Rights Reserved

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa confirms that asylum seekers are part of transnational crime victims . Therefore , all countries should have to ensure humanitarian assistance and their rights are met .

Similarly, Marty said when opening the international workshop entitled " Protection Irregular Movement Persons at Sea " at the Foreign Ministry , Monday, April 21, 2014 . During the workshops pillar protection of victims of human trafficking into the spotlight Marty points .

" Human rights and humanitarian needs they must be protected and respected , no matter what their legal status , " said the man who once served as the State Department spokesman .
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In the eyes of Marty , people smugglers are often not regarded as victims . According to him , the term applies only to those victims trafficked . " In fact , the fact that the people who smuggled also become victims , " he said .

However , Marty invites the participants to not debate the meaning of the term victim . According to him , the real act better by providing assistance to those in need .

" It's not that they have entered into a certain category , but because they are human , " said Marty .

This workshop is a follow up to a similar event that was held on August 20, 2013 . At that time , the event held a high-level conference attended by foreign ministers from 14 countries .

However , in the organization of this year , the workshop was attended only by the high level of senior officials and experts from various institutions , both government and academia .

According to the Director General of Multilateral Hasan Kleib who participated in the event , the 2014 workshop , attended by 63 delegates from 16 countries and three international organizations .

All 16 states , the Kleib said , is the most affected country of human smuggling at sea .

The workshop will be held over two days and closed the day Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt . " At the end of this workshop , participants will summarize and provide concrete recommendations for the protection of victims of human trafficking , " said Kleib . ( ita )


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Russia: Ukraine Crisis Not Our Responsibility

Russia will not be the only party responsible for implementing the agreement easing tensions in Ukraine, a Kremlin spokesman said on Friday. Russia declared the threat of sanctions by Washington is totally unacceptable.

"Our colleagues in the West are trying to push responsibility (implementation agreement) on our side., But must be underlined: it is a collective responsibility," said Dmitry Peskov, told Rossiya 1 TV.

Moscow, Kiev and the West reached an agreement Thursday aimed at alleviating the crisis in Ukraine. including a call for "all illegal armed groups" to disarm and leave the government buildings which had been seized by pro-Russian forces in the east of the country.

Soon after the deal, U.S. President Barack Obama raised doubts that Moscow, which blamed the U.S. for supporting the separatists in the industrial heart of Ukraine, will enforce to the end kesepakatan.Dia warned that Washington will impose new sanctions tehadap Russia if no visible progress in the field .

"Making such a declaration has been made of the highest levels in Washington ... do not favor an atmosphere of dialogue," Peskov said on Friday. "Someone can not treat Russia as it is, it is a shameful act of a student, and cast a piece of paper where we come do cross-checks for tasks that have been accomplished, "said Peskov.
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"Comments like that totally unacceptable," he added.


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Galaxy S5 How Expensive yes , And Production Cost U.S. $ 3 Million

Samsung's flagship smartphone , the Galaxy S5 has begun to be marketed in Indonesia with a high enough price , Rp 8.5 million . This price tag makes the consumer wonder , what makes it so expensive ?

Analytical company IHS S5 dismantle components and reveal their cost of production . As quoted Recode , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , the most expensive component is used Samsung 5.1 -inch full HD screen material Super AMOLED unit price of around 63 U.S. dollars . The screen is 12 dollars cheaper than the components of the Galaxy S4 screen size of 5 inches .

From the IHS research , revealed the Samsung seeks more cost cuts in order Galaxy S5 profit margins can be higher than the S4 . DRAM and flash memory components used Galaxy S5 combined even if for only 33 dollars . see alsovitamin makanan burung )

" We saw some recycled components , which previously was also used in other Samsung devices , " said Andrew Rassweiler , an analyst with IHS . " There is no breakthrough or a new, more advanced components , Samsung just continue what is already there , " he added .

For sensor fingerprint scanner used Samsung , the price was also cheaper than the sensors used by Apple for its iPhone 5s . Fingerprint sensor used Samsung costs only 4 dollars , while that carried the iPhone reached 15 U.S. dollars .

Meanwhile , the biosensor chip used artificial Maxim Samsung to monitor its health parameters , adding the cost of production of 1.45 U.S. dollars .

According to IHS , the estimated price of all components used by the Galaxy S5 is 256 U.S. dollars ( approximately USD 3 million ) . This means that Samsung took a gross margin of USD 4.5 million or about 52 percent , assuming the price of the Galaxy S5 in Indonesia , which is USD 8.5 million .

If the total component and production costs incurred Samsung only Rp 3 million , why the selling price is very high ?
IHS said , price does not include costs for research and development incurred Samsung , software licensing , distribution costs , and the costs to be incurred pemsaran Samsung .


Unique Electric Motorcycles from Austria

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer to introduce its newest product , Johammer J1 . This two-wheeled vehicle uses an electric motor to replace the role of conventional machines as cardiac pacemaker . But , that's not the main spotlight , but its unique design like peanut skin is not intact , then given a pair of wheels on either side .

The shape makes this bike has a stylish art deco design . Actually , this motorcycle concept has been introduced a few years ago under the name " The Biista " . Produced by the Austrians and Hammerschmid Maschinenbau Yellow Works design house .

Its creators still want to categorize J1 as a motorcycle , with a completeness pair of wheels , handlebars , and frames. But , the design is much different from a conventional motorcycle in the market . " Johammer not only look different , but it is different , " wrote Johammer in its official website .
Only the electric motor integrated with the rear wheel axle is still fairly conventional for the size of motorcycle design . Using two swing arm , front and rear . To turn , the front wheel steering system is controlled through the middle , so the radius of rotation is limited . The suspension is sheltered behind the aluminum box , utilizing a cavity under a lithium ion battery in the center of the chassis . This bike is also relatively " flat " with gravity only 13.8 inches from the ground .

electric motor
Johammer plans to produce two distinguishable variants of mileage that can be passed in a single battery charge . The first variant , equipped with a battery -powered J1.200 12.7 kWh that can cover a distance of up to 200 km . Second , J1.150 bateari 8.3 kWh equipped with the distance of 150 km .
It took 3.5 hours to charge the battery from empty to 80 percent for J1.200 , while J1.150 takes 2.5 hours . Johammer also claimed that both batteries have a shelf life of up to 100,000 km , could serve to further the quality of 80 percent of the new conditions .
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Johann Hammerschmid , Chief Executive Officer Johammer , to , say , ready to produce 50 units of until the end of this year . Production will be increased to 300-500 units per year . For those of you who are interested in this unique motorbike , prepare the dowry , from 23,000 euros (USD 364.3 million ) for J1.150 and 25,000 euros (USD 396.06 million ) for J1.200 .


300 people missing in ferry sinking in the South

South Korean coast guard said on Wednesday that more than 300 people missing from a ferry that sank South Korea .

The passenger ferry carrying 477 people , of whom 164 had been confirmed rescued , coast guard officials said .

Two people were confirmed dead after the ferry tilted sideways and upside down .

Ministry of Public Administration and Security South Korea reported that 368 people had been rescued and around 100 people are still missing , but later said the figures are miscalculated .
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According to Xinhua reports , most of the 477 passengers are students

The ferry sank in waters off South Korea's southwestern coast Wednesday morning , with two people killed and 14 injured , local media reported .

Passenger ship weighing 6,325 tons named " SEWOL " it overturned and sank into the waters of Jindo Island , in the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula , at around 11:30 am local time on Wednesday .

The ferry , which was carrying 453 passengers and 24 crew on board , sending a distress signal at around 8:55 pm and had begun to sink in waters around two and a half hours with his body tilted .

The ship was believed to have foundered in the waters of some rescued passengers said the ship began to list to the port side after banging sound on the bow .

The coast guard official says that 22 -year female crew member and an unidentified man in their 20s have been found dead .

A total of 14 people were injured , and one of them was seriously injured .

Among the 477 passengers , 368 people were rescued at 13.15 local time .

A total of 453 passengers including 324 high school students and 14 teachers were traveling to school events .

The ship departed from the western port city of Incheon South Korea on Tuesday night , toward the southern resort island of Jeju .

After receiving a distress signal , the South Korean authorities , including police , fire brigade , coast guard and navy , sending 24 rescue boats and 16 helicopters to the scene for rescue operation .

There is no Chinese passengers on board , according to the Chinese Embassy in South Korea .